Production Photos for Press


Productions Pictures from the movie Cherkess


Harvest scene

Bedoun Camp

Bedouins horsemen in village

Burning of bayader

Camels trampling gardens

Cherkess youth

Circassians building village

Circassians dancing

DOP Troukin

Hind & Father

Cherkess gathering

Kazbek Kandour and other Cherkess

Kazbek with Azamat

Lovers walking horse

Sheikh at wedding

Sheikh Mrewid's camp


Temur in Beouin camp

Temur in Otoman Governor office

Tent Burning

The old Ottoman steam train

The Turkish Governor-Ashraf Abaza

The two lovers-Hind and Nart

Train View

Lovers by stream

Immigrants arrival

Confrontation between the Sheikh & Nart

Circassians at Race with Kazbek

Cherkess Dancer