Scent of Infinity

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What is the Scent of Infinity…?

Mahatma Gandhi said “ In the midst of darkness light Persists”.

The journey of life is often treacherous and dark but there is light at the end for those who seek it with pure hearts.


This is the story of a rich intellectual Russian lady (Nastia) who runs away from her unhappy predicament in Moscow to seek help in an Indian Temple in London. Nastia was a victim of a marriage of convenience to an Oligarch (Mafiosi) husband that made her life intolerable and had found peace in studying Indian Philosophy. She decides to run away to England, where she hopes to find a new direction for her life and where her son (15 years) is at school.

Here she meets an Indian man at the Diwali temple celebrations and the relationship develops to the point where she requests a divorce from her Oligarch husband in Moscow. The aggrieved and angry husband arrives in London with intentions to prevent the proposed divorce by force if necessary. And further complications arise with the knowledge that her new Indian friend (Jagtar) is bound by family responsibility and traditions to marry within his own culture, turning the romance into an impossible love affair.

What transpires next is a drama tinged with comic situations, which gives a positive texture to the story. The story ends with hope and expectations that happen in mysterious ways leading to the understanding of the Scent of Infinity, when powers of love and music combine to bring Light into the darkness of life.

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